ARY SWEDEN - honouring their roots and welcoming the future...


Over the years ARY SWEDEN established a proud collaboration with several, globally renowned, artists and designers who are dedicated to form our iconic interior design collections. They always strive to offer a wide and vivid range to renew themselves, while also cherishing timeless classics. Only the best authentic materials are selected to guarantee the finest hand made products for delivery to their customers all over the world.


Sharing their knowledge of Swedish craftsmanship, accomplished since generations in their own factory by using the highest quality of birch wood, designers, artists and profile companies around the world are given the possibility to create their own product line by adding their artwork to a wide selection of products. Together they develop unique objects with a personal expression. 


Ary has produced high quality products in their own factory in Sweden since 1952. What began as a small manufacturing industry has now developed into a successful interior design company. Their strength is a long tradition of genuine craftmanship, their everyday passion for natural materials and sustainable, functional objects, made by hand. Located in the deep Swedih forests, their most prominent source of inspiration is nature. Both when selecting materials and designing their products.