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The village of Dale is nestled between steep mountains, waterfalls and fjords on the west coast of Norway. In 1872, Peder Jebsen travelled through the small village of Dale, located close to the city of Bergen. He recognized Dale as an ideal place to establish a premium textile production facility utilizing the valley’s potential for natural hydro power, the easy access to Norwegian wool and strong knitting traditions.

Peder Jebsen secured the rights to the local waterfalls and soon thereafter, steamboats loaded with new machines from England arrived in Dale. The Dale of Norway textile facility was completed in 1879 and has remained active in the village of Dale ever since.

From the beginning, the focus was set on crafting premium wool qualities and so they quickly grew to be the largest employer in the region. Skilled knitters and artisans joined the company, often followed by their family members. Subsequently, this experience and expertise was passed on to the next generation. 

Being one of the very few textile companies with production in Norway, Dale is able to pay close attention to every stage of the production. This ensures premium quality in every garment – a Dale of Norway trademark since 1879. Dale takes pride in being one of the the largest and most sophisticated manufacturers of classic and innovative apparel where third and fourth generation knitters and craftsmen produce a wide range of beautiful and practical designs.​


Dale of Norway's products are available through a worldwide network of better retailers -- and are found in authorized online retail shops.

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