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Hem is a Stockholm-based independent design brand creating a new generation of furniture, accessories and lighting. Together with vanguard designers and renowned European manufacturers, Hem crafts iconic products for homes and workplaces all around the world. 

Hem’s primary store is hem.com, shipping directly from their inventories in Europe and the US. Hem works in close proximity with architects and designers.  



Hem develops and produces original design created by the most relevant designers of today. Together, new behaviors, expressions and technology are explored. By studying and re-thinking everyday life, it has made sure every product has a story worth telling.



The Hem collection is made from authentic materials and manufactured by skilled craftsmen across our European factories. All products adhere to environmental standards and industry certifications.



By championing no-hassle purchase process, speedy deliveries and easy to assembly furniture, Hem makes it easy to discover, acquire and live with great design. 



Hem makes high-end design at accessible prices, without compromising on quality or environment. This is achieved  by streamlining processes, slimming overheads and by going directly from factory to customer.


Hem is the next generation design brand, catered to design-lovers across the globe who love the new, the unseen, the brave. Behind every corner, there is a potential of the unexpected.


Hem builds long-term and prosperous relationships. Shared value for all stakeholders is created, while decreasing negative social and environmental impacts from operations. Hem means home and aspires to be a home where creativity is celebrated and fairness is championed.

Hem Design Studio

Hem – Swedish for ‘home’ – was founded in 2014 and is based in Stockholm. However, with a range of over 300 products available in 34 nations, and with the largest markets being the US, Great Britain, Germany and France, their nationality is somewhat of a side note. 

Hem was born from the love for pioneering design. Our straightforward direct-to-customer model allows us to pull off what we envisioned right from the beginning: to conceive and manufacture trailblazing design of the highest quality and making it available to an international audience. 

Working with the most relevant designers of today, including Max Lamb, Luca Nichetto, Pauline Deltour, GamFratesi and Philippe Malouin, Hem manufactures and sells a portfolio of pieces ranging from tables, sofas and carpets to lighting and accessories, to a growing audience of private consumers, designers, architects and companies.