Kähler Design Denmark

The story about Kähler begins in 1839, when the Holstein potter Herman J. Kähler opens a small ceramics workshop in the city of Næstved in Denmark. However, it is not until his son, Herman A. Kähler, takes over the workshop in 1875 that the ceramics adventure gathers speed.

With the production of international art ceramics, the foundation is laid for one of the greatest successes in Danish ceramics history. With handicraft experience passed down from generation to generation and great insight into the versatile potential of clay, Kähler has now been at the cutting edge of Danish ceramic art for more than one hundred years. 


Since its foundation in 1839, Kähler has been showing its works of art at exhibitions and museums all over the world, aiming to strengthen Kähler's position as an internationally acclaimed ceramic workshop with a strong artistic inheritance. 

Nowadays Kähler's artistic ceramic heritage is set in a contemporary light. The results are promising new ceramics with a broad appeal, yet individually interpreted. 


One hundred years ago, highly respected artists such as Thorvald Bindesbøll, Svend Hammershøj and Kai Nielsen explored ceramics at Kähler. Today Louise Campbell, Bjorn Poulsen and Jeanette List Amstrup carry on the tradition - with the ambition of bringing art to the people.