PAUL HEWITT offers iconic watches, jewellery and accessories which are anchored in the maritime world of Northern Germany. Created by us for people who appreciate tradition and provenance, but who like to feel the wind on their faces all over the world. In other words, it’s created for people like you!

Our North German Way of Life – Made Wearable
The sea air that blows around our faces. The sound of waves, the cries of seagulls. The sea which refreshes us in the summer. The beaches which invite us for long winter walks. This is our world. This is where we are at home; this is where we are anchored. The anchor – that’s why it’s the symbol of PAUL HEWITT. Enjoy this world and quench your yearning: #getAnchored to the world of PAUL HEWITT.


Our World – Your Style
Whether it’s on PAUL HEWITT watches, watchstraps or accessories, you’ll find our anchor everywhere. Get the maritime feel, the tradition and the clarity in your life. PAUL HEWITT watches suit you. Because you make it so that they fit you and your style. Configure watches to your taste – with PAUL HEWITT, you have the choice.