THE STORY BEHIND Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen

The unique Beak Birds was originally created by the Danish designer, Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen. Not only was he a pioneer in the field of Nordic lighting design, he was also at home in the carpentry shop, and Beak Birds is the endearing result of the designer’s experimental, creative approach to the world. 

Beak Birds was discovered in the attic of Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen’s family home. It is part of his design legacy and now, thanks to an agreement with his descendants, it is ready to captivate the world with its various characters. The four Beak Birds have been specially selected for the Warm Nordic range as a tribute to iconic Nordic design that invests modern décor with invaluable diversity and depth.


Scandinavian Originals
Scandinavian design, Nordic design
Scandinavian design, Nordic design

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