Hardanger winter bunad

Winter bunad from the Hardanger region

Bunad blanket GOL

Bunad blanket GOL

Buskerud bunad

Bunad from the Buskerud area

Bunad girl

Girl in traditional bunad




The National Bunad Council Bunad- og Folkedraktrådet , the authority on national costumes appointed by the government, has developed five categories to grade modern day bunads according to ‘authentic’ regional folk clothing:

Category 1 : a bunad that represents a ‘final’ link’ in the development of a folk costume.  This is basically an original folk costume that has taken on the function of a bunad.

Category 2 : a bunad that has a background in a particular folk costume that is out of use but not forgotten.  It is generally reconstructed from first-hand knowledge.

Category 3 : a bunad that has been reconstructed from preserved folk garments which reflect the actually time and region of the piece.  Pictures and writings are used as sources in reconstruction.

Category 4 : a bunad that has been made based on random and incomplete folk material.  Missing peices have been designed to match the style of the materials.

Category 5 : a bunad that has been completely or partically ‘freely composed’.  It was the 1800s bunad movement that has given these types of bunad their status.


New bunads that are being designed every year, must go through the strict judgement process of the National Bunad Council in order to be classified as a proper bunad.  The council is very strict in making sure new additions follow closely the traditions and history of the area.  Because of this, many designs today, even though they have the same function as a bunad, generally don’t make the cut and thus can not be called bunads.  They receive the name festive costumes or drakt instead.


All that being said there are many bunads that have been in existence for many years such as the ones from Oslo (since the late 1940’s) and Bergen (since the early 1950’s) which are still considered drakt and you will often hear them called bunad but they are called Oslodrakt. In short: much cause for debate….

From:  https://norwegianbunad.wordpress.com/ 

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Scandinavian design, Nordic design

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