The Hammershøi POPPY mug is perfect for a stylish table setting, lending a creative, personal touch. The beautiful watercolour depictions of poppy flowers were hand painted by the designer Rikke Jacobsen and transferred to the porcelain in beautiful, feminine colours.


The tableware has no 'up and down', so you can have the individual pieces whichever way up you like, and vary the look of the table from one occasion to another. Feel free to mix the POPPY tableware with Hammershøi's classic white tableware or glass range to create an informal table with attention to detail.


Hammershøi POPPY is also available as a dinner plate, lunch plate, cake plate, deep plate and bowl.


Width: 12,5 cm

Height: 10 cm

Volume: 0,33 L

Hammershøi POPPY Mug

    Scandinavian Originals
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    Scandinavian design, Nordic design

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