The prototypes of these KALEVALA KORU bracelets have their roots in ancient history. They were worn by finno-ugric tribes through the iron and viking age, but by people who lived in the areas nowadays known as Finland and Estonia. Some tribes lived in areas that are now (centuries later) part of Russia.


Kalevala Koru's early designs (which these are) are based mostly on grave findings from Tavastia, Ostrobothnia and Southwest Finland, which were and have always been part of Finland.


Bracelets evolved over time, from simple elegant pieces to more intricate designs with cut figures. Ornamental motifs were usually geometrical; they were either stamped, cast or in some cases, engraved.


One piece of jewelry was seldom enough for the women of antiquity. They often wore identical bracelets on each arm.

Bronze bracelet IKU-TURSO

    • Bronze Finnish Kalevala Koru 40's bracelet IKU-TURSO
    • Design by Germund Paaer
    • Collectors item / vintage In very good condition
    • Material: bronze
    • Width: 2,5 cm
    • Circumference: 18,5 cm

    IKU-TURSO was a malevolent sea monster in Finnish mythology.

Scandinavian Originals
Scandinavian design, Nordic design
Scandinavian design, Nordic design

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