Simple and functional pepper grinder by SPRING CPH.

When Tonn-P designed The Pepper Bird, he strived to create a simple and lovable grinder. He wanted The Pepper Bird to be both a decorative and functional addition to the dinner table.

The Pepper Bird quickly becomes a favourite in Danish homes in the late 1950s and early 60s. It gets so much recognition that it ends up as a nationally recognised design object. Crosswords of the era even referenced it.

PEPPER BIRD | grinder | ltd

  • Limited edition that makes a great gift

    The Pepper Bird is a design icon that elegantly achieves harmony between decorativeness and functionality.

    It’s a beautiful example of the way quality and whimsical design can combine to create a unique Danish design.

    This luxurious version of the Pepper Bird in walnut makes a great gift for design aficionados with a taste for limited editions of Danish design.

  • Specifications & maintenance

    Size & weight:
    15 x 20,5 x 8 cm
    0,209 kg

    Walnut, ash and maple
    Ceramic grinder

    The Pepper Bird is an unique handmade and hand-assembled product in wood and there may be some minor variations from product to product. Clean it with a damp cloth.
    For better finish and maintenance use beewax occasionally on all our wooden products.

    Package dimensions & weight:
    10.5 x 18.5 x 26 cm
    0,460 kg

Scandinavian Originals
Scandinavian design, Nordic design
Scandinavian design, Nordic design

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