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TAX FREE shopping

Dear (non-EU) customer, 


As affiliates of, we offer tax free shopping for non-eu residents. is the most innovative and transparent VAT refund company. 

Save your receipts and invoices and save up to 21% on your (online) shopping in the European Union.


You can claim back the Value Added Tax paid over items you have bought (online) in the EU.  This goes for non-EU residents, expats, international students, NATO military employees or diplomats.


Please visit - and register at - for details on online shopping vat refunds. 

Kindest regards,

Elise Hernes

Nordic Moods | Scandinavian Originals

The Netherlands

Sofa Palo with blanket Kattefot


From modular sofas and woolen blankets to accessories and lighting.



From dining room tables and tableware to kitchen utensils.

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