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Happy people :-)



...and while we're at it, what is it that makes the Nordics such happy people?

If you really want to know, ask someone living in the Nordic countries. After all, they are considered to be  the happiest people in the world (and there are studies to back that up*). So what makes the Nordic people, happy people?


Well, of course there’s Nordic equality, education, a clean environment, nature and security – but, above all, there's the place they call home.  For Nordics, home is a special place. The weather not always cooperating, caused the Scandinavians to develop into experts on indoor - ánd outdoor life.  Ever heard of hygge, mys or sauna? And of new born babies sleeping outside - rain or shine? I


t's all about he acceptance of the elements! There's even a Norwegian saying that goes: Ut på tur, aldri sur! roughly translated as Out and about, never sour (sulky)! And another exemplary Norwegian saying: Det finns ingen dårlig vær, det finns bare dårlig klær! – meaning There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.


Not materialism, but aesthetics, and less is more. Therefore everything, however small, should be chosen with care. Quality is not about elitism, it's all about sustainability.


In our online store full of Nordic design, you will find just that...products chosen with care. Why not find your own piece of Nordic happiness?


Welcome in!


Sofa Palo with blanket Kattefot


From woolen blankets to accessories and lighting.



From tableware

to kitchen utensils.

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