Seven months into our so-called 'intelligent lock-down' (not my words) here in the Netherlands, and after the easing of the initial restrictions - and the re-tightening again - daily life is only hesitantly picking up 💚 and I must admit that the second outbreaks that I read about, do worry me.


Our surreal way of life has become a second nature, and to be honest, for someone who doesn't need company on a daily basis, it fits like a glove. Sounds priviliged, and it is. No fear of losing a job, healthcare taken care of and - first and foremost  - none of my near-and-dear ones is affected by Covid-19 (knock wood).


Luckily I have been starting to visit my mother in the nursing home again - and my kids and I are re-socializing ;-) As long as travelling is not being made impossible, I'm positive about the times ahead and I sincerely hope that you (and your loved ones) have been able to stay safe and sound as well. 


In the meantime, as always, we’re in the process of adding new, genuine and high quality Nordic design items to our collection. While doing so, the aim of our very own ballot committee always remains the same: only items which are pure, simple, basic, sustainable and organic, are allowed in 😉 Furthermore they should make us happy just looking at them.  

As you may know, we are Mid-century modern addicts ourselves, so our main focus is on items that pass the MCM (Mid-Century Modern)  test. What makes this particular style so beloved and sought after?

Read all about it! 

EH Obidos 2020.jpg

Do remember to visit our MONTHLY PROMO section (10% discount on the entire ROROS TWEED  collection, ending October 31st.) or the Discontinued Items and see if there's something in store for you ;-) Oh, and don't forget the discount on the Kähler collection

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Wishing you all the best, a warm and hyggelig autumn 2020 and please, stay safe.

Elise Hernes | owner | founder | web designer | visual merchandiser | interior decorator | @nordicmoods 

As the daughter of a Dutch mother and a Norwegian father (tough sailor - yes indeed) my childhood is drenched with Norway. The summer holidays are dedicated to freedom, the outdoors, joy, water and more water and - especially - back to basics. The smell of wood, forest, salt water and rocks always give me goosebumps. This is my home.

The smell of rocks? My rock is large and adjacent to the salt water, heated by the sun and it smells of salt, lime and seaweed. The smell is accompanied by the cries of seagulls... and one cannot be disconnected from the other.


Our hytte in Telemark is both our safe haven and our base. Our Norwegian home without frills and luxury, far from our Dutch regulated life,  in the middle of the woods and yet only a two minute walk from a beautiful lake. The days consist mainly of swimming, fishing, reading, drawing, climbing mountains, looking for moose, foxes, remains of small rodents in lynx caves, picking blueberries, baking wafles and lots of daydreaming on the side. Every now and again there is a trip to civilization or to relatives after which we hurry back to our self inflicted solitude.​


This is where, when, why and how it originates, my Nordic state of mind, my intense love for Scandinavia, the language, the culture, the Saabs and Volvos - and for the design, the beautiful, simple, timeless design, the organic shapes - inspired by the overwhelming beauty of nature. A love that turned into a passion .... A passion I enjoy sharing.  Why not join me on a journey through my NORDIC MOODS? 

Elise Hernes

January 2011

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Scandinavian design, Nordic design

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