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Cushion Crush & Pillow Talk

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Never - ever - underestimate the power of a pillow. Or of a cushion if you will. There's no simpler way to change or adjust the look and feel of a living space than with a few cushions in the right size, colour and spot. Personally I love combining different styles; I'm not one for showroom-like living spaces decorated along one and the same line, thank you very much.

An ode to Quirkiness

There's something about unlikely combinations. There's something in unlikely combinations that I like and that I'm attracted to. An attraction to the imperfect, to the uneven, to the odd. I think it has to do with my lack of concentration when being bored by perfection. Perfection makes me indifferent and unimaginative. However beautiful and perfectly symmetric a face, it doesn't fascinate me. However coordinated a combination, if it lacks quirkiness, it's not for me.

Hence my love for unlikely (colour) tones with the palest of blue, browns with the darkest of blue, black combined with brown, I love when people think that it probably was too dark when I got dressed that morning! 😋 Have a quirky day you all!

Where to find:

Cushions & plaids in green/grey tones:

Coloured cushions & plaids:

Further questions:

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