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The dark side

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

It is only when the suffering of others seeps into our comfortable lives, that we are aware of our accidental privileges.

For with the flip of a coin it would have been you and I who lost the roof over our heads, who were ripped away by bombs and missiles, in desperate search of our loved ones, in utter need of compassion.

How cruelly and savagely destroyed are the lives of those whose sole crime was to live, to love, to comfort and embrace their near and dear ones, to mentally grow, to learn and to teach their fellow man what it means to be kind.

How is it that with blatant arrogance the fate of others is decided. In what parallel universe are lust for power, loss of reality and lack of a moral compass the highest achievable.

When there is no smile of a child, no beauty of a flower, no ray of light, then it must be the darkest of caves ever to be found.

~ evh ~


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