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From our private label, a brand new collection of mid-century inspired, minimal wall art is currently being created by Dutch-Norwegian designer, Elise Hernes (1956), educated at the Rotterdam Dressmaker Academy (1988-1990) and specialised in working with silk and linen. 

Each silk collage is handmade and unique.

The - one of a kind - compositions, consist of eco-friendly, natural, hand woven, premium quality materials, such as linen and silk, stretched over an artists' frame, placed in a float frame, lined, signed and numbered. 

Prices may vary, depending on frame size and materials. 

BIRDS | silk collage

    • Unique piece
    • Size: 80x60x4 cm
    • Handmade, hand woven, pure silk on linen
    • Colours: dark blue/copper/grey silk on sand linen
    • In black float frame
    • All fabrics are UV protected.


    A bird couple, mom and dad, with their baby. Look at dad; he's being playful and has his baby balancing on his head. Mom has a worried look on her face and isn't all too happy with dad's silliness.

Sofa Palo with blanket Kattefot


From woolen blankets to accessories and lighting.



From tableware

to kitchen utensils.

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