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Some of the bronze KALEVALA KORU bracelets have their roots in the past. Bracelet LEHTI has a touch of the ART NOUVEAU style which was popular at the turn of the 20th century (1890 - 1910 up to 1940).  

Bronze bracelet LEHTI

  • Bronze Finnish Kalevala Koru bracelet LEHTI

    Designed by Germund Paaer around 1940

    Collectors item / vintage In excellent condition

    Material: bronze

    Width: 0,7 - 1,5 cm

    Circumference/length: 17 cm (tiny wrist!)

    Authentic Finnish item.

  • Germund Paaer
    Kalevala Koru's first chief designer was the artist Germund Paaer. It can be said that Kalevala Koru was originally founded by Paaer. He was responsible for the design of the Kalevala jewelry until 1950, during which time he designed hundreds of different jewelry for the company.

    His guideline was: The edges of the jewelery should be quite smooth. The woman's sensitive fingers should touch them and there should be no imperfections, and under no circumstances should they be sharp!

    Germund Paaer was a talented, enthusiastic and very prolific, yet humble artist. The most popular piece of jewelry he designed over the centuries is Kuutar, which has been made since the mid-1940s. Other jewelry of his that is still in the collection include Salt Heart and Teljänneito.

    In addition to jewelry, he designed more than 120 wooden ornaments for Kalevala Koru in the 1940s, the designs which were based upon old peasant objects.

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